Presley Mitchell, 11-year-old travel ball player, dies after in-game collapse

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Travel ball player Presley Mitchell died on Saturday night after collapsing mid-game earlier in the day. She was eleven years old.

Presley, who played for the Texas Attitude 12U team, collapsed on the field during a tournament in Denison, Texas, according to reports, and later passed away at a nearby hospital.

In a post on Facebook, Presley’s aunt, Lori Skipper, wrote, “My niece was a shinning diamond that left a mark on every person she came in contact with. She was a very driven soul, determined, had no fear, was friends with every person she came in contact with, and loved her God. Her life was softball where she was playing a tournament and collapsed on field in her favorite place. She did not come back. God needed her right then even tho we are so lost.”

An obituary for Presley noted that “her love for the sport [of softball]and her fellow teammates was fierce. She was very dedicated to everything she did in her life. She was a very determined young Christian girl and she loved the Lord. She enjoyed music, playing on her phone, spending time with family, and hanging out with her friends.”

Funeral arrangements for Presley are set for November 7th in Denison, Texas.


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