Sunday, September 20

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Molly Grumbo’s Blog – Entry #2

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Hi Softball World,

I hope everyone enjoyed my first blog post! Finally, LMU started off the season! We started off strong! The first 5 game of the season were played at Cal State Fullerton. It was very exciting! We had a lot of fans in the stadium. Our team ended up staying in a hotel, which was a great team bonding experience! Our next 5 games were played at Lake Elsinore, where we stayed at a hotel again. A lot of our fans ended up making it out to the game which was awesome to see. The next set of games were played at our home tournament where we hosted Sacramento State, Quinnipiac University, and University of Delaware. It was very fun to finally have our first home game. This year, LMU softball has been learning that we are a scrappy team. We have to show up to the field playing like there is a chip our shoulders. Our team is very close. Every game we play for each other and the letters in front of our chest. Our team continuously works one pitch at a time, plays with heart and pride. Just doing what it takes to win every ball game. As a team, we set our expectations high. We intend to keep them high throughout season. Every game, as long as we stick to playing LMU softball, we know we can get the job done. That was our mindset going into the Judi Garman Classic.

During the Judi Garman Classic, our team took down #4 LSU in a 1-0 victory with Linnay Wilson throwing a shutout and only allowing 4 hits during the game. It was a great team win! Everything was clicking, defense played great, offense did our job by scoring, and Linnay shut things down in the circle. The second day we took on #11 Michigan, who we defeated in a 2-1 win. Linnay again threw in that game, and she did great. Our defense really stepped up to the plate, making big plays to end the inning with runners in scoring position for Michigan. On the third day, we played Cal Poly SLO which we defeated in 5 innings, in a 13-3 win. We lost to Boise State; the score was 6-4. On the fourth day, both of our games got cancelled. Overall, it was a very good weekend for our team. Going into each and every game, we really focused on playing our game and not worrying what is on our opponents’ jerseys. In all our games, we come out attacking the first pitch and competing every pitch, at bat, and inning until the game is over. We try to WIN EACH PITCH! We, as a team, focus on here and now- being where our feet are- being in when we need to be in and out when we need to be out.

After playing the in the Judi Garman Classic tournament, LMU will start spring break in Eugene, Oregon to play the University of Oregon, Portland State, and Seattle University. Once we get back from Oregon, we will be hosting our LMU Tournament. Teams that will play in the tournament include UC-Santa Barbara, Idaho State, Iowa State, DePaul, Wagner College, North Dakota State, and Harvard.

On a more personal note, my older brother, Jordan, came to watch our games for the next two weeks. My parents have been at every game since the start of the season. It has been a very full couple weeks of softball, but I would not have it any other way.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I will do my best answering them at the end on my next blog. Thank you for reading!


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