Fundraiser organized after tornado destroys Iowa State alum’s home

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The tornadoes and weather-related disasters that swept through western and middle Tennessee earlier in the week have affected one of softball’s own.

Former Iowa State pitcher Savannah Sanders, a resident of the Nashville area, had her entire home destroyed, with no walls or roof remaining and nearly all of her family’s possessions wiped out. Sanders, her parents, and the family dog were all protected in a bathtub during the storm.

A group of Iowa State alumni has organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for Sanders and her family. “While we are very extremely happy her family is OK, they will be needing all the support we can give. As ISU alumni, we ask that you give what you can to this cause. Anything from your prayers to any monetary donation will help,” reads a portion of the fundraiser’s description.

TO GIVE: Please click here.

The fundraiser has raised more than $7,000 since being organized, and the list of donors is dotted with quite a number of current and former Iowa State softball players and coaches. Since graduating from ISU after the 2019 season, Sanders now works as a graduate manager at Murray State.


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