MOJO Organization spreading hope, positivity during COVID-19

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Tennessee Mojo, a program that offers high level fastpitch (8U-18U) and volleyball (12-16), has been spreading joy and hoping during COVID-19 lock downs by sending letters to individuals who could use a “pick-me-up”.

“We have won titles at every level in all associations and nothing will ever compare to the feeling we get from [the]responses from people we have sent notes to,” said Brooks Cherry, operator of and coach within the Mojo organization. We connected with him to learn more about how the idea began and how it has been received.

JWOS: Can you tell us how you first came up with the idea?
Brooks Cherry: I just wanted a way for our girls to be able to “make a difference” during this down time. I have a Facebook friend, her and her daughter had a list of people they had been sending notes and letters to. I thought…what kind of difference could we make if our kids took part?

JWOS: How has your team + community responded? (players, families, recipients, etc)
Brooks Cherry: It’s been overwhelming the response we have gotten. We alone in our Mojo Organization have sent out over 1,000 letters this past week. We have challenged a few coaches to do the same and I have had other softball organizations reach out and want to be apart of this.

JWOS: What are your hopes and/or goals for this?
Brooks Cherry: I hope the girls understand to think of others first. I hope they understand for God so loved the world, he gave. I hope they realize how blessed they are to play a game they love and they are in a position to help others. I hope they realize how much pleasure they get from making someone else happy. I hope they think back to that dark time where they couldn’t play softball or see their friends and remember the pain they felt and then they smile and think about making others happy.

JWOS: If other programs want to do something similar, what are your recommendations for them on how to get started, how to go about finding a team, how to communicate, etc?
Brooks Cherry: I have talked to several coaches and would help them in anyway possible. We have a list of people to send to and have names added everyday. I also think it’s good to get local people that they know and send them a note whether it’s family, friends or friends of friends. We are also wanting to get mail to the hands of veterans.

You can find Mojo Fastpitch on Facebook here:

Then check out a few of the responses Cherry and the Mojo Organization have received below:



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