Tuesday, October 20

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Top 10: Youngest Division I Head Softball Coaches

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When MJ Knighten was hired as the head coach at San Diego in late August, one of the key bullet points in her announcement was that, at 25, she would be the youngest active Division I head softball coach. That got us to thinking... by what margin does the former Nebraska Cornhusker now hold that distinction?

In recent years, a number of schools and hiring committees have prioritized playing experience as a quality they sought in a head coach. Some programs went on the prowl for a young coach who, thanks to recent playing experience, could connect more easily with student-athletes. For this list, though, none of those qualities mattered; our only criteria was 1) only active D1 *head* coaches could be considered and 2) we're looking at actual birth year here, not college graduation or last year of playing.

One final editor's note: We've not published specific ages or birth dates for most coaches on this list, but we did verify that information to the fullest degree to make sure that the rankings are accurate. The list is published in descending order, with the youngest coaches ranked highest. Now, without further adieu… the top 10!

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