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Hey there! My name is Heaven Burton and I am a redshirt junior at Texas Tech University!

Considering season is right around the corner I thought this would be such a great time to share with you some of my perspective and advice on this upcoming season for each of the classes.

Get ready for one of the most incredible rides of your life. Everything you have done since you were little girls to now in your first year of college has led to this moment. You are ready. This is still the same game you’ve been playing for so many years. So soak it in and enjoy it. Most importantly have fun and embrace everything college softball has to offer. Your upperclassmen are all rooting for you.

You’ve been here before and you know what to expect. Know what you are capable of and never forget it. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to lead in the best way you know how for the freshmen. Help them through any adversity or struggle they may encounter throughout the season. Remember how new and nerve wrecking your first season was, and be the best guide you can for them.

This is it. We’re finally upperclassmen and can say we’ve been through two seasons of softball. We have experience, we understand the grind of season, and we know what to anticipate. Be leaders in any way you can, and support the seniors who you know will experience a lot of emotions in their last season playing college softball. That will be you next year, so appreciate every little moment.

I haven’t been one yet but I have seen the heart and soul the seniors before me have put into their final season. They helped build what the culture of our team is today, and for that I am extremely grateful. So seniors give it your all and know that everyone under you is fighting for your last season to be memorable. Whenever and wherever your last game is, know that the team will be there to help you through it every step of the way. Ending your softball career can’t be easy, but I hope each of you will see just how much joy this game has brought into your life and how much you have impacted those around you.

2020 Season
Season is the most special times of the year in my opinion due to each season being so unique in its own way. Each one contains its own trials, adversity, high and lows. So for for these next five to six months recommend fully embracing your tribe and staying together as a unit. Never again will you have this 2020 group of girls together on one team. So own it. Believe in it. And kick some butt this season. Wishing each team the absolute best of luck this year and cannot wait to continue to chat with you as we go throughout the 2020 softball season!

Heaven #1


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