Saturday, January 23

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Recruiting 101 with Top Gun Turner

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Recruitment. It’s one of the biggest parts of both high school and traveling sports. However, due to our current circumstances, the recruiting process has become more ambiguous for those involved. So, I talked with the three girls on my team who are committed and asked for their insight.

Obviously, the recruiting process is different for everyone. Mine was more fast-paced, whereas for Makaela Carr (Florida International University), it was “a little more slow-paced.”

“It [recruiting]was stressful,” Kassie Rhodes (Stephen F. Austin) explained. “I was concerned that I was not going to get any offers, but I was reassured that I was, and eventually, it all worked out.”

There are a lot of emotions involved in recruiting. I heard stress, anxiety, happiness, and excitement from all three girls. Recruitment can also be like a roller coaster: lots of ups, downs, and unexpected twists along the way.

Both Rhodes and Hannah Jansen (Florida International University) said that their favorite part of recruitment was, “visiting all of the schools.” Carr also mentioned that “getting to meet so many different players and coaches, and gaining new, unforgettable experiences” was her favorite aspect.

“My least favorite part was sending all of the emails,” Carr explained. “I had to put in a lot of work online.” Jansen and Rhodes both agreed with her on that.

One thing to keep in mind while recruiting is that not only are you selling yourself, coaches are trying to sell their program to you. Make sure you ask about things that are important to you (major, class size, level of competition, etc.), and also be certain that you will want to stay there for the next four years.

“It [Stephen F. Austin] felt like home when I walked on campus,” Rhodes explained. “The coaches were nice and I love having an all-woman staff, so it fit perfectly.”

“It [Florida International] felt like home,” Jansen stated. “The coaches were my kind of people, and I felt really comfortable around them.”

It is also great to have people in your corner to guide you through the process. For me and the rest of my teammates, we are very lucky to have Bob Turner (Top Gun 16U National Head Coach), who works very hard for all of us. All three added that Turner was a big help along the journey of their recruitment. My parents also supported me throughout my journey; they offered insight for phone calls, and obviously took me to all of my visits. I am extremely grateful for them!

“My dad helped me the most with my recruiting,” Carr said. “He made sure I was doing everything right.”

“Bob helped me a lot,” Jansen explained. “He got my name out there and talked to schools about me, and helped me get visits set up. My teammates also helped me and offered advice.”

So, while recruitment can be stressful at times, it is also good to learn about what you are about to undergo. Since this is the case, I asked the three girls for some advice about the process.

“Just work hard and don’t be stressed,” Carr said. “If there are college coaches watching, remember that they are normal people. Also, send your emails and tweet, because that is very important.”

“Don’t stress about it,” Jansen said. “You’ll find your place, there is a place for everyone. Just keep working, send your emails and get your reps in, and you’ll find your home.”

“Be positive, and definitely be open to anything,” Rhodes explained.

I will also share some advice of my own that helped me. Trust your coaches and trust the process. You will eventually find where you’re destined to be, even if it takes a little bit longer. Ask good questions, be yourself, and have fun!


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